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miffy's incorrect version of "flip off" which is to stick someone's middle finger at someone to tell them "fuck you".
miffy flicked off dang and he just laughed at her because she looked dumb.
by roo January 24, 2004
471 279
The incorrect way to say "flip off", which means to give someone the finger.
Flick off:

Person 1: I flicked off Bill today.
Person 2: It's flip off you fuckwit.
by RoflChoppa April 05, 2009
162 102
The term for female masturbation
So, I just watched 300 today, I really need to flick off
by Gekrwies November 23, 2012
14 19
A competition in which smokers attempt to flick their cigarette butt the farthest.
I just paid $40 and chain smoked for a week for a Flick Off three states over.
by Jacky Thornbred November 22, 2011
16 30
To hold up one's middle finger in an offensive manner at someone else.
I flicked off Dangy today.
by Miffy January 30, 2004
162 286