Flexing and texting simultaneously. Strengthens those arm muscles unlike any workout in the weight room.
"Flexting really saves me time! Every time I text someone I just get a nice flext in and then I don't have to hit the weight room!"
by G Bags January 15, 2013
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A person texts so much, to the extent that it becomes regular excersize and said person's hands and arms become very muscular.
Because of flexting, I can text 320 words a minutes and bench my new, hotter girlfriend.
by raichupal May 16, 2011
Striking a body builder-like pose while sending a text message. Quite common on the beaches of California but also observed at North Avenue Beach in Chicago.
After a workout at Muscle Beach, Win, ripped and glistening with sweat, was flexting some girl he met at the club last night.
by win williams November 09, 2008
Flirting with a friend or significant other using a text message. Seen as a precursor to sexting.
I've been flexting with this chick for weeks. Tonight's the big night. I think we might start sexting.
by wordmaestro August 31, 2011
When guys get excited texting each other about "guy" stuff.

A text session that makes a guy so amped up he unkwittingly starts flexing his muscles.
Jake and Jaheem were flexting each other about who's car was faster.
by Ambular September 30, 2013
Flirting + texting. the act of text messaging someone to get attention from a person you are interested in. No matter if the person you are texting has a gf/bf.

In a sentance:
Boyfriend: Jenny keeps texting me at random times in the day. You know, just stupid stuff. But, that doesn't mean she wants me!
Girlfriend: It's called FLEXTING, and it's STILL FLIRTING!!!
flexting in action:

Nancy: What are you up to?
Bob: nothing
Nancy: i miss you
Bob: yeah, we should hang out sometime
Nancy: like soon!
Bob: I know, i'm prettty busy these days with work and my girlfriend
nancy: :(
by J Zam June 18, 2009
Extremely erotic way of douches sending descriptive paragraph's of their muscles via social sites.
Susan: John, why the heck did you tell me about how your muscles gave Mart a boner on Facebook?

John: Shut up whore! I was flexting.
by Zombieness May 14, 2011

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