when youfreaquently use youre hands to volumise youre hair in an upwards brushing motion.
originats from the french word for river.
man 1: god, that woman i see her everyday shes always fleuveing her hair.
man 2:yeah, but her hair sure does look dandy.
by bea and may February 02, 2009
Top Definition
pronounced 'f-l-uu-v-e' its when you airate youre hairstyle to maintain the circumfrence and tall structure of it. its kind of like back combing it with youre hands just in a more casual and socally acceptable way.
man 'haha that lady, she is always fleuveing her hair'

man2 'yes, i think thats why its so shiny all the time'
by bee&mays florist October 17, 2008
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