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A unit of measurement describing the resonance of a fart. One flet can be described as an individual "pop" in a fart. The word is derived from the sound a "fret" make as a finger passes down the neck of a guitar.
Did you hear that moist ripper? It must have contained 30 flets!
by Colosseros January 01, 2015
a harry asshole that can be braided easily
Tom's flet was reamed after quidge
by Oliver Quidgeums August 06, 2005
A Fat Lazy Entitled Troll (Flet), is usually an uneducated person going to places or forums giving their unsolicited opinion on how a certain company should conduct their business.
That Fletover spammed an entire forum about how he didn't get his 2 for 1 special at a grocery store when such a deal doesn't exist, and then went on a rant at a local Subway of why they should have all day breakfast.
by Chang Qou June 26, 2016
A flet is generally short stout man. He has long blond hair and a sexy trimmed beard. To call upon on you must yell, " Who Dat Flet?!" Flets are extremely rare. They are U of M fans and bring a left handed snag to the table. If you have ever seen Brendan Gibbons you know what a Flet is. They have NO QUIT so do not challenge them, for they are quick;)
"Who Dat Flet?!".. " Man shut the fuck up.... i'm taken a shit!"
by Andre Deon Youngsten Jefferies January 26, 2012
Incurable disease of fletting about with a knife.
Fletcure cures no flets.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 25, 2003
to have sex.
"I fletted my boyfriend last night."

"I just wanna flet tonight."
by lawlzzlwal February 01, 2010
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