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Another term for "chode", the area between the genitals and anus.

She did what? She licked your fleshy fun bridge?
by illwill July 10, 2003
The skin between the anus and the nut sack.
I'm not sleeping with him until he shaves his fleshy fun bridge.
by NyMpHoKaY December 31, 2002
the are bettween the anus and genitals of a person, the term fleshy fun bridge is the literal translation of what the soiux tribe called this area.
he spent all night tickling my fleshy fun bridge
by sporks forever June 28, 2009
The area between the balls and the anus. A.K.A. grundle, choda soda, taint...
"She was aroused as I wiped the sweat from my fleshy funbridge on her upper lip"
by Redsox27 May 21, 2003
See Also, Taint. The flseshy area between the anus and penis/vaginal opening.
I busted my speamy hot man load all over her fleshy fun bridge!"
by KingdomCum January 23, 2003
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