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First I would like to clear up that flesh tunnels are not "the tunnel of flesh created from stretching your ears." Creative boys, but wrong.

Flesh tunnels are large (or sometimes not so large) tubes that are placed through large stretched piercings. Most commonly, they are placed through earlobe piercings, but may also be worn in nipple piercings, frenums, hood piercings, tongue piercings, or practically any larger piercing. source: bmezine.com
I prefer to wear wooden flesh tunnels in my 3/4ga lobes.
by peachplumpear November 22, 2005
72 25
the large hole, or tunnel of flesh, from stretching the peircings in ones ears with gauges. the masais first practiced gaging before it became popular with americans, mostly hardcore kids. to create flesh tunnels, you begin with about a 14 gauge plug and gradually diminish the size until your flesh tunnels are at a satisfactory size. you can go all the way to a 00 gauge. (thats a huge hole in your ear)
bob: whoaaaa i can see through dougs flesh tunnel!!! nifty!!!
by hi im heather January 10, 2004
29 48
-meaning a big hole in ones ear because of pircing. you can see right through it.
whoah! that guy has a 6mm flesh tunnel!
by katox March 08, 2003
14 41