See "Bosé".

Similar meaning to Bosé, but is used most often to describe non-human things or the appearence of things.

Used in a similar context to the word Heavy.
"Bwoy, dem trainerz is well Flecky"

"Wha' gwan? I saw your girlfriend the ovva day, she was lookin' propa Flecky"

"My house is Fleckier than your'n"
by Venus Envy April 19, 2006
Top Definition
To go into an uncontrolled rage. Losing ones temper.
Often used in the context "Take a flecky".
After being warned once, and then again about my bad behaviour in class, the teacher took a flecky and threw the wooden chalkboard duster at me!
by scottsflecky February 26, 2010
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