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Fun Lovin' Criminals, a hip-hop band from New York City. Consists of Huey Morgan, Brian Leiser and Steve Borovini.
Vicar St. Dublin

by I S I B E D A June 08, 2005
It is the acronym for former military training base, Forest Lake College home of hoax alien sightings and various local legends ranging from staff conspiracies and corruption of the like. Nevertheless the grounds are immaculate and pretty, featuring a centrepiece fountain and thus is also a popular venue for weddings.
Person 1: wow, he looks pretty and immaculately kept
Person 2: hmm i dunno...looks a bit FLC bruh, there's something conspiracy-alien-army-like about him.
Person 1: true that betchass, lets roll
by Forest Lake C September 26, 2009
Fat Lesbian Couple
No description is needed, we all know at least one
Fat lesbians seem to be attracted to each other, probably due to gravity
"Man, why is it Lesbians are either both hot or both ugly"
"Ahh, they're a FLC, their fat is urging them to fuse into a superfat superlesbian
by chucknorrisx10000000 June 22, 2016
Fraser Lake Camp

An awesomely awesome overnight summer camp in beautiful Bancroft, Ontario, Canada. (Near Muskoka)

Run by a not-for profit organization that helps get's kids out of the city and into the great outdoors.
Kelly: Hey I just got back from FLC.
Meg: Oh really? I was a camper there 3 years ago!
Kelly: No way!!
Meg: Yeah you should go check out their website, we should both sign up for next summer!
by xenu! May 24, 2008
One who is desirous of being a Fat Lazy Cunt.
Person 1 to person 2: hey look there's Amanda the FLC!

Possibly a pig-pug cross looking thing. Very hideous, do not make eye contact EVER!
by ANOCLMHO May 12, 2013
Acronym - "Friendly Local Comic Store/Shop"
Can't find the latest ish of Dork Tower? Check your FLCS.
by Frank Hinz January 27, 2004
The acronym for Fucking love connection. This is often used in reference to individuals who are dressed similar to one another, or participating in similar activities.
Check out that FLC! (In reference to three dudes hugging and dressed similarly in a photograph)
by Sponch August 28, 2010
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