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n. - Someone extremely obnoxious.

adj. - An object that is often horrendous looking or as though you don't want to touch it.
Dude, Chris(you may substitute anyone that is obnoxious here), you're being a flaznex. Go the fuck away.

Those shoes are so fucking flaznex it's not even funny. Get them away from me.
by Ryle and JuTacci July 18, 2004
An individual who ignores you unless there is absolutely no one else around that they can talk to. (An extremely rude way of desribing them. Look at other definitions of flaznex.)
This fucking flaznex won't leave me alone and they haven't talked to me in weeks.
by Ryle and JuTacci July 16, 2004
The whitest possible cum that one can conjure.
Oh shit, I got flaznex all over myself, can you give me a rag?

MMM...this flaznex is SOOOOOOO GOODDDD......MMMMMMM
by Ryle and JuTacci July 16, 2004
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