A flawed waffle :D

Incorrectly and horribly made waffle.
"Damn bitch! You look like you flattened that flawful with your ass cheeks!!!"
by Darkness5454S4(02) February 21, 2009
Top Definition
1. Full of flaws and/or errors.

2. Bad or undesirable.
1. Man, that new financial plan is flawful!

2. I've got this flawful cold I can't get rid of!
by Greg Cronheim March 25, 2007

when something, e.g. a plan or idea, is full of flaws.
alternatively: when such a thing is both awful and full of flaws.
Alice: ¿Wanna have unprotected sex?
Bob: No thanks, I'd rather not become a teenage father because of that dumbass flawful idea.

Arthur: Hey, let's try assassinating the president with blowdarts!
Betty: No offense, but that's a fucking flawful idea.
by oddj0b August 30, 2006

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