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something that is extremely fresh; alternate to "flava".
"Check out this new peice of flava i just got."
by Silent Ninja c1998 July 15, 2003
Your taste in women/men.
What's your flavor, baby?
by Carlito October 06, 2004
Flavor is ones style, swag, Apearence, and uniqueness it is very very atractive!
"I got a Gucci bucket hat, gucci tee,gucci jeans wit the gucci shoe's what! I got flavor"
by Mr futureristic swag May 11, 2009
Anything that is favorable of your taste.
Q:"Do you do drugs?"
A:"Nah, it's not my flavor."


"That awesome party was definately my flavor."
by Katy L January 13, 2006
Flavor: (adj)
To describe your taste in a person at that present time.
To use someone for your personal satisfation at the present time, only temporary fun.
Sometimes ref: as a "Flavor of the month" like ice cream. Good but doesn't last long, not that you want it to either.
Sue: Kathy What happend to your boyfriend Rob?
Kathy: Rob wasn't my boyfriend he was a flavor, he had a boat.
by Katsinthehouse November 20, 2007
A certain type of woman where each type gives you a different type of sexual experence.
for example dark skin black,light skin black,ethnic brownette,hispanic,blackette,brownette,blonde,redette,orngette because with each one there pussys look different.
I like Kathy's flavor.
by Deep blue 2012 October 12, 2009
A favor that involves food.
Yo dude, do me a flavor and grab me a slice of pizza?

by Rawpup April 02, 2009