1. A water-soluble yellow pigment, including riboflavin (read the table of ingredients of any food you eat; chances are, you'll find it), found in plant and animal tissue as coenzymes of flavoprotein.
2. A ketone, C10H6N4O2, that gives color to various natural yellow pigments.
The chemist added flavin to his new concoction.
by Hoyvin-Mayvin June 08, 2005
Top Definition
Commonly used term by those who posses certain "Jerry Lewis-like" qualities*, usually found superfluously at the end of a sentence.

*ie. Professor Frink of The Simpsons.
Please don't be touching my machine or you could be causing us terribble pain with the Ouch, and the Flavin...
by Ryan-michael Lindsay October 10, 2004
Something cool or in.

Of good quality
Damn this party is flavin

Damn that boy is flavin

I like your shoes there flavin
by Paizly June 20, 2006
Reference to "Simpsons" character Professor Frink. Describes a geek who is socially mal-adjusted. Often possesing technical know how.
"Gee that flavin will never get laid...he should stay in his parent's basement."
by gigglebiotch March 21, 2005
yo dog dis is to be mad drinkin.
YO I'm flavin some krunk ass liquid.
by dick wacker May 08, 2003
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