Top Definition
1. Having style and being hip with some flavor: Cool
2. Instead of bootyliciious, flavalicious
1.Flavalicious Louie was eating lau lau down Manono Street.

2.Your clothes is so flavalicious.

3.The food that i just ate was so flavalicious.

4. You're so flavalicious, you make me weak.
by Tash & Denise July 02, 2005
1: to be of great flavor
2: to have style or flava
3: to be sexy and/or hot
4: to be tasty
person: (opens dr.pepper) hey this is good how should i describe it
Flava Flav: (busts in)YEEEAAAAHHH BOOOOIIIII!!!!!!!! its flava flavalicious
person: wow that accurately describes it thanks Flav
Flava Flav: no problem its easy being a super hero now im off to yell yeah boy some more
by j_dizzle_7 July 10, 2008
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