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One who is an expert at the art of farting and has devoted much of his/hers life to the study and practice of flatulence - These masters of their art are not to be taken lightly and should never be made an enemy of
Dude#1: (on a stretcher on the way to an ambulance) OMG!!! The enamel is burned off of my teeth from the putrid mind numbing stench that came out of that guys ass and I am blind in one eye now! WHAT THE HELL DID HE EAT???? … Dude#2: You were lucky, that was only an infinitesimally small one, He is the Grand Master, the one known as “The Flatulist”! – We are lucky to be alive – He is Flatulist Emeritus at the University of Southwest Ranch Methane Recovery and Underwear Recycling– he is the master of all things that are pew! … We have much to learn from him...
by The Flatulist June 24, 2005
A flatulist, fartist, or professional farter is an entertainer (sometimes considered a comedian) whose routine consists solely or primarily of passing gas in a creative, musical, or amusing manner
A real flatulist knows you just slightly roll down the other passenger window. This creates a small air current which slowly drags the fart across their face ensuring maximum damage.
by FartAficionado July 29, 2016
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