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The armpit of Southeast Lower Michigan.
I dated a girl from Flat Rock last year, she was white trash and her dad was a Walmart Wolverine. But at least she put out.
by TicklemeEmo October 10, 2005
21 15
A very small town in southeastern Michigan that has a total area of only 6.8 miles. For a very small town it is actually pretty busy on Telegraph road where their are a variety of fast food restaurants and the Flat Rock Speedway and a bowling alley, it also has a driving school where most of the crappy drivers in wayne and monroe county learn to drive. It also has an abandoned K-mart which looks like hell with weeds growing all over the damn place. The high school is a small school full of white trash, wiggers, blacks, and emo's. And when I say emo's I mean emo's just a ton of them. So to put it simply Flat Rock is a very small town with many residents below the poverty level and very odd kids.
Kid: "Hey look at those weird emo kids walking down the street"

Friend: "Ugh emo kids they must be from Flat Rock.
by downriversmellz July 12, 2009
19 16
A bar in the yunk that is filled w/ hundreds of types of beers. Mostly delicious belgian beers.
E: Wanna hit up the Flatrock & get crunked?
B: No doubt...Holla boi!!!
by Ebro June 21, 2005
3 1