Top Definition
1. unleavened roadside meat treat

2. essentially a furry little animal that got caught under a tire or otherwise squashed my moving vehicle. generally has a rancid smell and a jerky like texture; preferred by mountain folk, hillbillies and the inbred.

3. not kosher.

see roadkill also see street pizza
hooo weee! dab nagit... stop the truck cletus! i saw me sum flatmeat back thar!
by ob1 April 01, 2004
2 Words related to flatmeat
road killed animal
my neighbor's cat was hit by the garbage truck and turned into flatmeat.
by chuckers November 04, 2003
n. road kill that's been run over so many times, it's extremely flat.
China King sells Flat Meat instead of real food.
by Samira Williams January 23, 2009

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