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1. unleavened roadside meat treat

2. essentially a furry little animal that got caught under a tire or otherwise squashed my moving vehicle. generally has a rancid smell and a jerky like texture; preferred by mountain folk, hillbillies and the inbred.

3. not kosher.

see roadkill also see street pizza
hooo weee! dab nagit... stop the truck cletus! i saw me sum flatmeat back thar!
by ob1 April 01, 2004
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roadkill street pizza
road killed animal
my neighbor's cat was hit by the garbage truck and turned into flatmeat.
by chuckers November 04, 2003
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n. road kill that's been run over so many times, it's extremely flat.
China King sells Flat Meat instead of real food.
by Samira Williams January 23, 2009
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