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a person who does not accept or is out of touch with the realities/ beliefs of modern times;

one who blatantly dismisses/ disagrees with common knowledge or scientific findings.
Joe doesn't even believe the planet is round, or that we landed on the moon... he's a flat earther.
by G-Money12321 November 10, 2013
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A person who doesn't believe NASA really visited the moon and that we actually live on a geocentric model.
I'm a flat earther, haven't you noticed how there is never any visible curvature even from photos taken miles up, what happened to 8" of curvature every mile? research it before you dismiss it.
by lolplur July 28, 2016
someone who literally believes in the supernatural, in fantastical unrealistic things that belong in fantasy stories that fly in the face of modern scientific understanding. a person who ignores rational evidence of the way things actually are according to facts, and instead adheres to a worldview best left behind in the dark ages.
a religious person is a flat earther.
by chuckybubbles July 28, 2016
The worst kind of internet troll after Anti-broines.
flat earther flat out ignore physics.
by PhoenixQNebula July 27, 2016
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