When you're scratching your ass and find a stray hair, and as you pull it out you realize it's actually in your arsehole, like floss, but up your ass.
It was so embarASSing when I yanked that flass out during my threesome with Earl and Lorlene.
by Millergirl601 November 29, 2006
To floss someone's posterior crevice. See "flassing."
He seriously needs to flass; his BO is unbelievable!
by Sanders(Co-creator of the Word) October 13, 2005
obscenely large sunglasses that cover up most of the face, worn to be "fashionable" or worn by a butterface to decieve men.
Guy 1: Hey, look at this dime piece over here.

Guy 2: Don't get to excited, those flasses gotta be hiding something.
by nickred September 15, 2008
Simply when one has a flat ass. Hence Flass.
That girl has quite the Flass!
by Roy Michin May 18, 2015

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