It is opposite to blockholes. Here the light and brightness reflects, but not absorbed by itself.
newborn stars, may be!
by raghunandan August 07, 2005
Top Definition
adj. - That person who flashes you with their brights even though your brights aren’t on.
I was blinded by a flashole going around a corner and ended up in the ditch.
by Wheeliegonebad July 11, 2005
One who flashes their brights at other cars for no reason.
Note- there are many reasons for flashing one's brights. One of the most common reasons for flashing your brights at an oncoming car (often done twice in quick succession) is to warn the driver of a police car (popo)nearby so that the driver does not get caught speeding.
"Turns out that dude wasn't a flashole; there's a speed trap up here."
by MTBKsouth August 07, 2005
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