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the group or act of a murderer/hooker tag-team that aims to eliminate the akward man-whores from the face of the planet. Their scheme consists of one "team mate" luring in a man at local dive bars and rock clubs to sleep with them for a low cost. The man unsuspectingly meets the girl at a motel in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden the other "team mate" storms in with a mask and a machete! This woman then takes off the mask and kills the man... Then it starts all over! BEWARE FLASH-N-SLASH!!!!!
person #1: so did you hear about the flash-n-slash at the motel 6 last night?
person #2: yeah, man! But he was kind of a man-whore. I'm glad they got that pussy gnome!!!
person #1: dude, that's low...
by .:tHe MaD hAtTa:. July 10, 2008
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