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A group of people who are organised via various mass communications to come together at a specified place and time, perform some (typically whimsical) action, then disperse.
"The world's first flashmob was organised in Manhattan, in May 2003, by a man named Bill."
by The Magnetic Field September 15, 2003
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N. - A "flash mob" is a organized event where people gather to do a pre-determined action, in a pre-determined place at a pre-determined time. Usually harmless and funny. Think like massive pilow fights in town centers and things of the like. Usually organized on the internet.

Wanna see? Google Video it...
"Dude, did you hear about the flash mob we're setting up next week?"

"Yeah dude, can't wait!"
by Klink January 23, 2007
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Something that internet rookies think that people who use the internet do. Supposedly a "flash mob" is a bunch of random people who meet up to spontaneously do something ridiculous to confuse others.

These don't really exist. When they do, they are carefully organized, which makes them EVENTS... the kinds that people have been having for thousands of years.
Jon: WOW like OH EM GEE we should totally make a flash mob!

Jeff: People don't actually do that.

Jon: Yes they do!

Jeff: Ever seen one?

Jon: ...... OMG have you seen this video of a cat playing the keyboard?
by the lolercoaster December 20, 2011
15 182
Where someone texts all the people they know to get a mob together at a certain place and time to do some stuff like trashing a store ect. aqnd those people text other people to do the same thing and they call all the people they know. Once they have done what they came to do they disband just as quickly.
Did you see that flash mob?
by Deep blue 2012 March 30, 2010
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Flashmobs, group who are likely less than 1 degree of seperation from each other meet up and attempt to get the media to pay attention, before going back to their subversive blogs.

A furniture store was closed and had to be opened by the manager to allow the "spontaneous" flashmob in. He saw the chance for free advertising and got it with TV news.
by bebble September 04, 2003
53 300