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a type of grenade that emits a blinding flash and deafening boom to disorient the enemy. Used mostly in SWAT and special forces tactics and modern videogames.
my teammate bounced a flash banger off of the wall and blinded me...
by HKGunner March 13, 2005
Someone in Call Of Duty: Black Ops that throws multiple flash grenades in a row to make sure they get a succesful kill. Also the second most annoying thing to noob tubers.
Jaxx43: yo theres a flash banger that has Scavenger Pro on.
Nice_Raccks: im about to leave the game. Plus thers a noob tuber on his team, im loggin out.
Jaxx43: no wait!!!!
*Nice_Raccks logs out of PSN*
by Jazzy 132 April 08, 2011
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