attraction between two species expressed by endlessly trying to be cool and farting
Remember when Powers was trying to be cool in front of gabe and had Sue crack her back and she flarted? They still haven't had any action, so I guess it didn't pay off...
by Susanne Jameson March 05, 2005
Top Definition
The act of simultaneously farting whilst flirting.
"Oh man, Zac was flarting last night wasn't he?"
"Yeah. He smelled like shit".
by flarting April 30, 2014
Failing + Flirting = Flarting

An attempt at flirting, but a failed attempt.

Usually performed by those who cannot find the right words to say, can't break ice, or just aren't that attractive (physically or emotionally) to the point that their words lose good meaning.
Male A: Hey girl, I'm a guy, you're a gal, lets mate tonight.
Female A: Uh...
Male B: Dude stop flarting, you're embarrassing yourself.

Male A: Oh hello (attempts to grin, appears unsettling)
Female A: Oh.... Hi? (runs)
Male A: Wow, I should really stop flarting.
by MassGuru April 09, 2011
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