affectionate name given to a close friend, particularly used for storing said friend in your mobile phone book.

derived from the fact your heart flaps or flutters when you see you have a message from them.
may be preceded or followed by an X showing extra love or sexual desire
louisa: "whats your new number anny?"
anny: "306771"
louisa: "thanks poppet, ill save it as xxAnnyFlapsxx"
anny: "sweet"
by aflapsX August 14, 2011
Not responding to text, or calls: avoiding people: Not following through with word/or promise.
"I thought you were gonna hit me up?"

Oh, i forgot.

"Shut up you a FLAP!!!"

by NDP!! February 06, 2013
Derogatory for workers at big box/chain, auto parts retailers that employ low skilled workers. F-ucking L-ocal A-uto P-arts S-tore.
The idiot at the FLAPS gave me the wrong part again.
by hutch1200 September 20, 2011
A gay man penis
Last night I went to a Techno club and it smelled like sweaty flaps.
by MrCool Turnage January 09, 2012
Fat Lard Ass Piece of Shit. Other wise known as a stradley.
Person a: how long does it take that fucker to get us some ammo?

Person b: It could be all day, F.L.A.P.S. is takeing his time again!

Person a: Fucking FLAPS!!
by dirtyrottenscoundrel53 November 11, 2006
Common term for labia majora, often used to express your sincere affection for a female acquaintance. For a stronger expression of appreciation it is common to add the prefix "piss-"
"hey girl, nice to see you, I'm just gonna get a drink and I'll be back to slam those flaps."

"hey Trixi, I told the rest of the team about your loose flaps and they wanted to check you out"
"hey boys, wassup"
"so, you cool if we all take a turn pounding those piss flaps"
"Hahaha, you can do anyfing you like"
"sweet, that's a good little skank"
by skumliterati March 11, 2015
Acronym for Feeling Like A Player.
When you are working two or more people at one time you should be
by lmafohehe September 24, 2011

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