Top Definition
When a fat chick rolls her arm fat (or flaps) over a man's dick and proceeds to jack him off
"Did you get sex last night?"

"No, I just got a flappy jack."
by TheOneAndOnlyHippie December 08, 2014
Another word for gigantic boobs of a fake chick.
That girl has HUGE flappyjacks! Moooooo!!!
Flappyjacks or blue waffles???
Want some syrup with those flappyjacks???
by 54312929 November 13, 2011
When you finger a girl's kutch and find out she's not circumcised. To be more specific, the outer fat tissue of a female vaginal wall.
Shit, she's not a virgin? She's been fucking other people? You mean she had flappy jacks?
by asdf66667878 December 20, 2014
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