Garland reference to unstable internet equipment that is continuously bouncing between an up and down state.
The telephone company's router was flapping so much that nobody could get connected to the internet.
by swanssy September 26, 2008
Top Definition
shaking one's willy in an eccentric and exciting manner. often resulting in hilarious and wet consequences. can be used as a form of foreplay or to attract other people to engage in the mating process, much like a peacock displays her feathers to attract a mate. a male human will often display his willy in an appealing way to gain sexual prowess.
i am going to use my extreme flapping capabilities to attract a mate at the club tonight.
by sfccurtyla November 11, 2013
alternate word to describe jabbing a nice booty
k-malz: i was flapping that booty at the gyzam
deemo: douchebaggg
enlo: spit roasttt meee k-malzzz
by perthlover321 June 26, 2009
The art of smacking your erect penis against your inner thigh to the point of climax.
"I walked in on my brother flapping and listening to the audio of a slaughterhouse."

"I had to rip out all the leg hair on my thigh because they were covered in cum from me flapping."
by theflapmaster December 18, 2013
The act of female masturbation. The female version of 'fapping' with reference to the flaps of the vagina.
Girl, I was flapping all night to fifty shades.

Summer to-do list: Slip, slop, slap and flap.
by SnowGirl October 02, 2014
When a naked man swings his hips from side to side - causing his penis to alternately hit each of his thighs, going from side to side.
He was standing there in the shower, singing and flapping!
by Lotta fra Bråkmakergata August 13, 2007
An alternative to f**k.
That was flapping sweet!
by appleluvr24 April 15, 2008
hovering around, not really doing much
yo, stop flapping about
by nark November 05, 2006

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