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a basic collared, button down shirt, usually in a plaid or checkered motif. worn by those seeking acceptance from really dope sons of satan aka 'JACK HOFF' 'HUFF FUCK'
Hey! Sick you want to go skin a cat, and sacrifice a baby? It'd be a lot cooler if you did..
by Sinbad "Ball Busta" Teabag III September 20, 2007
the sex term for someone who has so many sex stories, and or has sex a lot
by masteratthisshityoyeah February 14, 2009
A person who is obsessed with anything nautical, especially naval history.
Flannigan: O my God the battle of Trafalgar was the most epic point in human history
by Troubadour January 28, 2008
The floppy skin in between your elbow and arm pit.
I like to jiggle my sweaty flannigan on people's faces.
by Devmaster November 18, 2009
An adopted girl from ireland. She has a steriotypical irish freckled face. Not smart enough to even realize she was adopted by some small town hicks from Kentucky.
Did you see that Flannigan?
She is such a Flannigan
by flanny97 October 22, 2010
When you get a feeling/prediction that you are going to do something totally unexpected and that you would never do in your life, and you think about it in such detail that you see yourself doing it. But it doesn't happen. (Unless you choose to?)
OMG!!! Gabby!!! I just had a flannigan!! I was gonna take your shoe off your foot and throw it at the smartboard and it was gonna click to the next slide!!!!!!!!!!!! IMAGINE!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
by Amantie Nleh! November 12, 2010
A person who is thought to be a nerd, outcast or loner.
Get out of my face you fucking flannigan
by Wiesty May 30, 2005
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