Flirt Skank. A girl who flirts with every guy nomatter what and has no intention on following through on anything.
Person A: Did you see Debi all up on Robby? I thought he had a girlfriend!
Person B: Yeh, but its no biggie, Debi's a flank man.
by butterflyhitman May 02, 2009
A move in the complicated game Eight.
"Man, you flanked my eight. What can I do!"
by Chris!! April 28, 2007
A very usable word. Can be used in many different situations, sometimes replacing words.

A verb or adjective.
Sometimes you can take plank and add the suffix of another word. Ex. Flank + fantastic = FLANKTASTIC!
WOAH, that's totally flankin!


What the flank!

Wow you flanker

hahaha that's flanklarious
by peacocksarecool August 24, 2010
The mash-up of the words 'flirt' and 'wank'. To relieve oneself of one's flirting needs.

-Flanking off
-Flanker (one who enjoys the act of flanking)
Girl 1: Why are you flirting with him?

Girl 2: Bitch, please! I'm just flanking


Girl 1: Are you flanking him off yet?

Girl 2: Nope, not gotten to the flanking stage yet, just general chat
by RedHeadEm April 07, 2013
the term for anal sex when your getting flanked from behind.
Lets flank her tonight.
by xylience July 01, 2010
Slang used in Call of Duty genres meaning, too trick an opponent by going opposite the way he expects you, thus far making you trick him and kill him using the element of surprise.
"Dude he so wants me too go to the c4 package."

"Alright, flank him then."
by denman95 February 01, 2009
A person who helps another in super mario wii. If one person makes a risky move the other is the "flank" flanks are not supposed to bubble unless in extreme circumstances.
Mario: Ill go across the lava pit, you stay back and be my flank.

Luigi: Alright (luigi accidentally bubbles and mario dies)

by gweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee March 12, 2010

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