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no doubt the coolest way to talk, putting an f in front of choice words during conversation

dont pronounce it as "FAH"... let it flow continuously
"Dont be such a ftard!" (original use of flanguage)

"I'm so sick of eating fbananas."

"I like singing about fscat!"
by matt January 14, 2005
the common practice of adding an 'f' in front of strategic words.

a quickly spreading frevolution, try it and you will most definitely become addicted
Wow, Adam..that was so fstupid of you.

"I love forange!!" says the fstupidiot.
by falice January 15, 2005
the language of the fan
Mrs. Chamat taught us lots about flanguage the other day. Then we practiced it on the bus.
#flanguage #fan #language #fleaders #falanguage
by Bus 4 October 14, 2007
the new cool way to talk to people

add 'f' in front of words to make cooler sounding words

important exception: 'f' + "retard" = "ftard"
Katherine is such a ftard - she was driving around the ftraffic circle for f5 (ffive) hours.

Flet's go to fWawa!
by fadam January 17, 2005
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