An exclamation of greatness to the flangeth degree.

Often said mid sigh.
While watching his favourite episode of G-String Divas Lou let out a sigh and exclaimed "flange-tastic!"
by why can I never find a good name? September 12, 2005
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(Adjective)Something pleasing of an unforeseen magnitude, often related to the female form.
Ben: Her tight little minge tasted flangetastic!
by Ben Sears April 03, 2006
Word used to describe a female who is so sexually attractive that when you see her you drop everything turn stare and utter the word "Flangetastic"
Dave " Dan why you stopped"
Dan "Look at her my god she is Flangetastic"
Dave "Fuck yes my Flangeometer is going off"
by Dan-e75 November 15, 2006
Extremely Swollen Labia/Vulva Caused by Coitus.
Honey, you look flangetastic! I love your flangela so much.
by SilkySmVVth August 31, 2008

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