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It's a combinations of prancing and flirting and flouncing. It's acting cute to get attention.
Hey *spins around so skirt goes up*
*guy thinks, wow look at her flance*
Jealouse female "augh you little slut stop flancing!"
by Youngyulia April 30, 2006
the "fading glance" where one surreptitiously looks away while someone enters their password or pin on a keyboard
The administrator flanced politely while the user logged into their computer to demonstrate their problem.
by kevINSIGHT November 01, 2013
a random word used in french lessons and other such subjects.
also, it can be brought up in science lessons to amuse and entertain everyone, especially when said by leg rests sat next to you.
boy/leg rest- " errr btw, she told me to say flance to you "
girl- " aahahahahahahahah "
by mashleighh December 10, 2007
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