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the result of a womens brain when confusing the sexual joke in the word flange and thinking the joke was flan (as in pie), then proseading to confuse the word flan with the word frommage and then further courpt it by forgetting what frommage was and thinking it was blammonge,in this creating the courruption of flamonge.
mark: hay laura i carnt find the bolts on this flange to fix your startermotor.

laura: ha ha ha ha ha ..... you said flange

mark: tut women

gemma: ha ha ha ha ..... flan

mark: flange is another name for a vagina you know gemma

gemma: oh..... i thought you ment flan, ans in the dessert

laura: flamonge!!!

gemma: yeh yoghurty cheese stuf

laura: thats frommage love

gemma: oh...........doh.

by munkey_2006 June 22, 2006
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