adjective describing something flamboyant and gay...
That pink shirt is sooo flaming...
by Wawa February 21, 2003
My ass after I eat spicy food.
"I ate 25 hot wings from B Dubs last night, and now my ass is flaming."
by Severance July 14, 2006
Flaming is an adjective describing the level of gayness one is at. Usually when called a flaming homosexual you are very very gay.
Dude, Andrew Just grabbed that guys schlong is that not totally queer.
Dude, it was beyond queer that guys a flaming homosexual
by Nicodemus Dodson September 04, 2006
The worst possible thing you can ever be called.
That stupid flaming.
You're a flaming.

Ebert: The movie Little Man, is the definition of flaming.

Bob: Marsha, why are you so sad?
Marsha: Billy called me a flaming. *whine*
Bob: WHAT!? Why would anyone call someone such a harsh and hurtful name like that?!
Marsha: I killed his family.
Bob: Oh, you flaming.
Metrosexual noun used to describe the action(s) of another thing. This can be another person or an animal.
Look at that cat! What a flaming!
by Damon Crawford June 30, 2006
It's an adjective that means "on fire", morons.
"That wing is flaming. Death seems imminent."
by Jesus Hitler Christ March 25, 2004
the act of harrassing a particular person or raping a person with messages
fuck, saber flamed me with IM's on AIM!
by Saber December 02, 2003
As in Cockney Rhyming Slang where the important word is dropped (ie a ruby is a curry - ruby murrey) Anyway it means flaming hot, or if you still dont get it, so damn sexy! Can be a person or a thing.

More than just good looking, its fantastic looking, you'd give a 9 or 10 outta 10.
"Damn, look at that, he's flaming!"

"Its flaming, I have to buy it!"
by Lyddy Cool October 23, 2006

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