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An awesome, yet dangerous sexual act. During intercourse the man pulls out and sprays cologne on his penis. He then proceeds to light it and then quickly extinguishes it inside the woman. Feel free to yell "Flambe!" after it's out.
Yo, I lit my junk and then stuck it in her last night.
- Whoah! That's so awesome, yet dangerous.
Yep, I think it's called a flambe.
by Winston Elridge Livingston July 28, 2010
Flaming bitch; one who is miserable, unhappy and makes sure everyone else knows about it; bitchiness in it's extreme form
Did the Flambe' at the counter give you a hard time?
by Paula July 21, 2004
the act of being incredibly ridiculously stoned
Yo dude you're so flambe ed right now

I know man isnt it great
by sillybum June 12, 2010