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A form of sneak attack involving humiliation, hilariously absurd tactics, and, occasionally, the uploading of the accompanying video or picture onto the Internet. Can be used as a noun, pronoun, or verb.
See defamation.
Possible root word: flamboyant, as a flamanglebesh is often, "strikingly brilliant, conspicuously elaborate, and excessively showy."

Possibly extracted from bash-Informal.idiom- A thoroughly enjoyable, lively party. (A haven for the Flamanglebesh-an apt and likable pronoun.)

Blinding a friend momentarily with a laser pointer while a strategically-placed accomplice whacks him in the face with a grocery bag of week-old, rotting bait shrimp. Scream, "FLAMANGLEBESH!" Now whip out that cell phone or camcorder and upload to give EVERYONE(Myspace, Facebook, etc.) a good laugh.
"The one who falls asleep first at a party is the main and most likely flamanglebeshee, or, one who has suffered a flamanglebesh; easily recognized and referred to as, 'That guy outside bike-chained to the tree, passed-out, and wearing an actual SLIPPERY WHEN WET traffic sign."
by Luke the Nuke October 02, 2006
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