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n. The most amazing, gorgeous, awesome, cool, cute, smart, funny, sweet, adorable, wonderful, delightful, ravishing, fascinating, beautiful, stunning, dazzling, exquisite, spendid, magnificent, dream girl ever. She is said to be so Perfect she exsists only in dreams.
I want flakow so bad!
by I like icecream January 24, 2004
1 Word related to flakow
(n.) a very cool person who got their name from a typo in a chatroom; must always be saud with exclamation...such as FLAKOW!!!!!!!!!!
Hi flakow...oh shit I typed it wrong.
by flakow January 19, 2004
A gorgeous girl who is quite possible the coolest person ever. She is wanted by so many guys but is taken right now by cziment.
I want Flakow so bad.
by Cziment January 19, 2004

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