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A person most likely from Oklahoma who is dangerously obsessed with OU football. They are easily identified because they like to fly OU flags from their homes and SUV's. The flagtard may also have a large collection of other OU merchandise such as sweatshirts, hats, bumperstickers, and autographed footballs.
Carol had twenty three OU flags adorning her Cadillac Escalade which made her the ultimate flagtard.
by Gondargle December 24, 2003
A term used by members of the dating site Ok Cupid, coined by the infamous user 'SnacksOnPuppies', referring to users who flag (report) pictures and profiles of other users without good reason, with no reason at all, or who mistake the flag box for a comment box.
Comments: "Flagtard. Pic is fine"
by Billycupid October 12, 2007