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1. when some one doesn't follow thorough with a plan.
That flaggin ass nigga aint call me back.
by Dmoney182 August 02, 2006
1.being stupid
2.lying about something stupid
3.when somebody else's plans dont revolve around you
1."these jits are flaggin"
2."that twig bitch said she had an oz of dro, but she's just flaggin"
3."that jit was supposed to come scoop and ride out to the club, but that niggas flaggin"
by dat nigga fo'sho February 14, 2004
To play hard to get with someone;flagger
Man you flaggin
by likelyasavior May 10, 2014
The act of moving as fast as possible towards your own flag while carrying the enemy's flag, often putting yourself at risk. Most commonly used in Call of Duty 2. Started by the clan 1337 at
1337 A: Dude, I can't believe I scored that!
1337 B: I know! There were like four enemies shooting at you and you only had your pistol out!
1337 A: Yeah! I was just flaggin' back to our own base!
by Zach Ceniti November 02, 2007
Extremely tired or feeling slow and exhausted. Shortened version of F*ing Laggin.
I'm so tired, I'm flaggin.
by Comic Book Hero December 04, 2013
Attending Six Flags Great Adventure with two or more friends.
"We flaggin this Thursday?"
by mdsim1234 July 15, 2013
The skin under your chin/neck area. Otherwise known as chin-skin.
This hunk of skin varies in size depending on the current weight of the individual.
"Can I suck your flaggin?"

"That's a mighty flaggin you have there!"

"Stop molestering my flaggin!
by nat-pie October 24, 2006

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