Often used to represent Hair-like structures on cells, but is also a good alternative for f*ck when your hurt yourself
Example 1: Wow look at that flagellum on that cell!

Example 2: Sebastian: ahh FLAGELLUM!
Charles Carmichael: What did you stub your toe? Good alternative for f*ck!
by Sexy Mini Stud Muffin April 26, 2009
Top Definition
1:The part of its body a bacteria uses to move
2:The few long strands of hair left behind when your hair is cut by a trainee hairdresser or a family member.These rogue hairs resemble the flagellum of a bacteria. Must be in a clump with several hairs. Most prominent when combined with a bowl cut.These hairs should be tugged when the flagellum wearer is least expecting it. Found on guys and shaven headed lesbians.
Example 1:What interesting flagellum on that paramecium
Example 2:
Harry: hey guys!
Oliver,Matt and Nathan:so your sister renewed your bowl cut
Harry: yeh...
Oliver,Matt and Nathan:wats that on tha back of your head?
Harry:cant see..
Oliver,Matt and Nathan: AHHH!! ITS FLAGELLUM!!!!
**tug Flagellum**
by Hans Brix May 16, 2006
Somedude who PWNED himself on LUE because he "had" pics of the Cl0ck Spider and Cjay.
"My photoshop of CJC and the Clock Spider!!!" (topic title)
by Jonio October 26, 2003
one eyed snake
hes flagellum is showing
by timmy October 07, 2003
A long whip like structure that is used to describe a persons appearance or physically trait
Shut up, you're such a dirty flagellum!
by BiologyProfessor July 19, 2016
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