originating in sweden; the act of bribing a homeless person for a blowjob. speaking the word outloud is considered very offensive and a sign of low class
Tina: Lately, i practically have to flabberjack my boyfriend to get some head.
by ursella222222222222222 April 13, 2010
Top Definition
Giving a homeless man (or woman) a sandwich in exchange for a blow job.
We were downtown last night and decided to go flabberjack the local bums with our left over Subway sandwiches.
by Johnny H. July 06, 2006
A term applied to an overweight or obese male who suffers from frequently masturbates multiple times each day. Often referred to as chronic masturbation, a flabberjack usually masturbates 20 or more times per week.
"Look at that fat kid Jake. He's clearly a flabberjack."
by GrapeJelly February 13, 2014
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