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Frustrated and completely screwed at the same time. Usually accompanied by speechlessness and standing with one's jaw gaping open in shock.
Cancer Patient: My brain tumor removal isn't covered? How do you figure?

Claims Adjuster: Well sir, it's an elective surgery. I'm sorry, but you can't have it done. We'd pay for a nose job, though!

Cancer Patient:......uh........wha......but.......
(Cancer Patient is flabberfucked)
by EvilM00s June 17, 2009
showing great suprise or disbelief
When Danny told me that I was a pregnant man, I was flabberfucked!
by EMandrew June 23, 2009
When a fat ugly person eye fucks you.
Ben-"dude that fat ugly bitch just checked you out"
Tad-" Shit man i just got flabberfucked"
by jabadiahh May 25, 2011