fl00b is someone with l33t hacc0r skillz and who uses them in an equally l33t and calm manner.
l33t0r : i r fl00b
faGG : RU GEIGH????
l33t0r : omg eigh faG, u will b h4x3d
faGG has left the conversation
l33t0r : ha ha n00b
by waffle August 23, 2003
Top Definition
a n00b who joins a message board or other online community as part of a flood, or a generic term for the flood of n00bs itself.
I'm dreading the fl00b once the first episode of A Game of Thrones is aired!
by AliceBackHome January 24, 2011
A fl00b is not only one with the characteristics of a n00b, but also one that acts like a faggot. This term originated in the gaming world when a 1337 gamer was undecided whether or not to call this kid a n00b or a faggot. Thus, the terms mixed and became fl00b or faggot-n00b.
1. OMFG, that kid is a fl00b.
2. I'm gonna pwn that sore ass fl00b.
by Martini Mclini October 19, 2005
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