Pleasant. Positive. Affirmatory.Muy beuno.

♦ Adjective for a noun having a higher level of awesome.

Typically said in a jubiliant tone. Used in an ecstatic or supportive sense.

♦Derived in Origin from "bubbly" in Scott Westerfeld's Uglies.
Also from the pleasant sensation of fizzy beverages.
Synonym for the following: superb, sweet, dandy, gravy, groovy, beneficial, fantastic, fabulous, awesome, idyllic, pleasurable.
Individua A: Dude, you know that new phone I wanted?

Individual B: Yeah?

Individual A: My dad totally got it for me for my birthday!

Individual B: Omg, that's so fizzy!

(followed by mutual girly squealing, and jubilant noises similar to that of the cry of a guinea pig.*)
by Lady O' Fortune FaeryBubblez February 03, 2011
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A woman when in a relationship becomes completely obsessed with the dude that she would even go that far and pretend everything is fine and make up bullshit lies.

Also friends are nothing to her and as soon as she thought of a way to make things better for her by turning on her true friends she will.
She only cares for herself and she would even go so far she'll give a man naked pics for fake coins on a damn game.
When reality gets to much for a "fizzy" she usually runs of to her own world a game, perhaps yoville. That game soon takes over most of her life and makes her neglect her real kids. Even in this new world she still the same selfish obsessive person but she hides it very well. Especially from her friends. She's good at lying and know what she does and how to start drama. She's not trustworthy.
In real life her general appearance makes her look as if she's done meth all of her life but really she was just born ugly and lets not forget her BUNKEYE.



theres tons of examples.....
by Betterthanfizzy May 05, 2009
When something is strangely good, with a bubling sensation. Can apply to music, people, and every day life situation.
Colourful things are usually considered fizzy.
Can also be the same as cool
That music is quite fizzy.
Oh! That chick! She's fizzy!
Last night everyone was so fizzy!
by Pimentol June 18, 2005
When a chick puts poprocks in her mouth and gives a guy head.
Guy1: So luke how was your day?

Guy2: Pretty good, I went to Ohio and my bitch gave me a fizzy.
by FizzLord May 07, 2010
Slang for an alcoholic beverage, usually champagne or any other popular carbonated drink.
He has the fizzy in one hand and money in the other.
by Jon Thomas October 03, 2005
Something that is strangely good.
Is often related to music, and other cool stuff
That song is quite fizzy.
That chick is so fizzy!
by Pimentol June 11, 2005
Used in a similar way to 'fitty' or 'sexy' in that it's used to express appreciation of someone's looks.
Look at those fizzies sitting together (naked) on the grass. Mmmmmm. The blonde one is especially fizzy.
by ROFLDog September 24, 2008

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