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New flavor of Power Thirst energy drink.
"Power Thirst! With new flavors like Manana! Fizzbitch! And Gun!"
by Brittany Monster November 19, 2007
An alcoholic drink consisting of 50% champagne, 30% tequila, and 20% blue Gatorade. The lack of a distinct taste means that you will be drunk before you even realise it's alcohol.

Originated at Dalhousie University
After a night of drinking Fizzbitch, nobody can guarantee where you will end up.
by to7dal September 11, 2011
A Gigantic 3 liter bottle of soda you get from Rite Aid (White Aid)
Yo, You better finish that Fizz Bitch or I will beat you.
by WeatherKID April 17, 2008
A man who orders girly F***ing drinks because he can't do shots/drink beer like a real man.
Tim: "Hey man, want to do some tequila shots with...Wait...Dude, is that a cosmopolitan?"
Spencer: "Yeah. I don't like tequila. It tastes bad."
Tim: "That's not the point! That is totally a lady drink. You are such a fizzbitch!!"
by biteme99 January 13, 2012
1. a "fizzbitch" is when you're fucking a girl, but pull out right before you cum and bust in her belly button. then you scoop it out with your fingers and either stick it in her ear or slap her in the face with it.

2. it could also be used as an insult.
1. Glenn was fucking some fat chick the other day and gave her the fizzbitch

2. Goddammit Eric, why do you gotta be such a fizzbitch all the time?!
by 598 December 14, 2007
A top tier insult or adjective used only by people with extreme intellect, to indicate displeasure or an unfavorable situation.
Example 1: "Goddamit! Why does everyone on this freeway drive like a Fizzbitch?"

Example 2: "You know what Kelly, you're a real Fizzbitch sometimes."
by JOLEEZY January 11, 2013
Someone who gets raped up the ass, but instead of using lube, the rapist uses pop rocks. This causes the person being raped to experience a painful fizz (in addition to the pain of being raped).

The term fizzbitch is typically used for people who are regularly raped with pop rocks.
"Check out the fizzbitch, I heard she took it up the ass again last night"

"lulz, I made that faggot Internet-Weed-Dude my fizzbitch"
by donkeyballs267624934 December 13, 2009
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