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A spin off of fiveawesomegirls on youtube.
person 1: did you catch charlieissocoollike on fiveawesomeguys?

person 2: err what?

person 1: yeah! He and nerimon, fallofautumndistro, toddly00, and johnnydurham19 all contribute one video a week to the fiveawesomeguys youtube account. Its totally jokes.

person 2: you're scaring me...

person 1: you should totally check it out!

*person 2 runs away*

by Marcus Arelius February 06, 2008
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A large, sweaty mass of prepubescence and orange juice that resides on YouTube.
The fiveawesomeguys penetrated my mind with their latest video.
by BigMetalDude April 06, 2008

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