N. A contraction of the phrase "Fat Kitten", meaning just that. This is a word meaning large, obese, or fat cat; usually refers to a female cat.
Dude, that cat Starko is such a fitten.
by G-money January 06, 2005
Top Definition
A fitten is a sexually attactive human-being of the female sex. A contraction of the words 'fit' (meaning attactive) and 'kitten' (a suitable noun to complement 'fit'), fitten can be used in a variety of contexts.
For example, "dude, that girl is a fitten", "I don't know who you were talking about, but that girl's more of an uggo" or "bruv, that girl you were talking to was a fitten, so why did you leave the party with the minger?". Not to be used for grandmas, cave-dwellers or mingers.
by JollyJester December 18, 2007
Device used to smoke pot, crack, Etc. Slang for pipe.
Pipe, Bowl, Tinny, Huka, Fitten
by Shy and Dan March 07, 2008
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