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an arm motion made during intense moments of musical euphoria, defined by the outward thrusting of the fist and flexing in-between repetitions. Usually done in groups of 3 or more. Can also be done inside a moving vehicle for extra style points and honks from random females
1. The beegees techno remix is on... it's fist pump time!

2. At the club, John likes to fist pump his way to the dancefloor

3. The guido fist pump is part of every successful man's nightlife
by greenek January 29, 2008
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the motion that most people pass off as dancing. is cool to do when you just acomplished something
fist pump like a champ!!!!!!
by j-rob mad fresh May 28, 2010
A commonly used courting gesture used by guidos. It is meant to indicate their willingness to give a handjob to another male of their species. If this is successful, a vigorous fisting may follow. Lip gloss is often used as a lubricant.
That guido was making the kissy face at me while fist pumping. I'm now positive that he's a homo.
by jacktheninja February 05, 2010
When you throw your fist in the air in an excited/victorious manner, often accompanied by a lunge of the body.
Liz walked out of saturday detention and gave a little jump as she fistpumped the air, 80s style.
by FISTPUMP4POWER April 01, 2008
When two straight men bend over the pong table and their other straight friend comes over and rams his fists up their assholes using a quick athletic motion.
Hey Rob I really don't feel like going out tonight looking for girls, lets just stay in the dorm, i'll drink my margarita mix, you can dip, and alejandro will give us fist pumps.
by Byla November 04, 2009
Amazing dance move that involves pumping ones fist to the beat of frat rock/80s/hair metal/etc. Often used late at night and in a drunken state.
The fratstar had an amazing fist pump.
by Blake Carter August 09, 2006
a commonly used arm motion during times of extreme techno dance parties. often complimented by a strobe light.
Why is gayass james on the couch fist pumping??
by DOBBY g October 15, 2009

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