Ålesund is well known for its smell of fish and krabbeklør. During the fire in 1904 or sometime around there, 60 000 people got homeless. Keiser Wilhelm decided to kill the remaining fisher-women and men, and the city was rebuild with the famous art nouveau, built by the remaining children who suffered under Keiser Wilhelm's terror regime. Now a very beautiful town with 40 000 people living in harmony.
Karru sir?
Steikje bra!
Krabbeklør & fisk
by Steinar Remme September 17, 2006
when a male sits on the back of his partner reverse Cowboy and slides his cock in and out of her ass cheeks without penetration. This works particularly well with fat chicks. The position is named after hall of fame catcher Carlton Fisk.
She was reading a book while on her stomach, so I figured I'd fisk her for a bit.
by Todd McClure September 25, 2007
When you wack of in class and get caught
He was fiskin it in world history
by Tommy Quisinberries May 11, 2009
What cool people say in place of the word fish. This started as an inside joke and quickly spread as a large movement amongst the coolest people.
Said by a generally cool person "Look, thats one huge fisk."
by John Wang May 07, 2006
Swedish word for fish. Friendly greeting.
What up Tjaderfisk?
by Nizzleyo. November 01, 2003
When a dog momentarily flashes their teeth at you as a way of greeting you
"Your dog fisked at me when I got out of my car"
by Daniel P. Dubeau March 25, 2005
To copy an article to your blog, then after every paragraph insert your own oh-so-witty comments. You don't actually have to refute or analyze anything you don't agree with, because ad hominem attacks like "this douche prick is obviously a goatfucker" is basically the same thing.
This is teh Socialist goatfucker! It's too bad Atlas Shrugged isn't required reading in every third grade class room, because this stuff practically fisks itself.
by John Galt's Urologist January 16, 2004

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