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Descriptive term for a menstruating female defecating. Also, can be used to desribe a woman's odor as a result of poor genital hygiene.
"I'll never go into a gas station bathroom again after that giant fishloaf I found in one of the stalls." "A second date with Donna is out of the question until she does something about that fishloaf!"
by Ang & Dana September 03, 2006
A fish loaf is a girl who just lays there during sex. No movement. no sound. Just a fish loaf. You might as well be having sex with a giant loaf of fish because that would be about as exciting as banging a girl who is a "fish loaf". If any girl openly admits to not liking sex very much. There is a good chance she is a fish loaf.
Tom:"I finally got Jenna into bed with me last night and she was so boring"

Ted:"What do you mean?"

Tom:"She just laid there and didn't make a sound!"

Ted:"Oh so she's a FISH LOAF. Haha. That sucks."
by FatBitchKilla April 03, 2008

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