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Doing something, usually with no specific plan, and with no real ending or meaning, other than thoroughly enjoying what you did.
It should also be something you can recall in your mind as having had a "Great Time".
A "Fishizzle Run", (Motorcycle Ride), is meant to totally enjoy being on your bike and the roads you wind up on.
by Harold Wright July 25, 2005
1. The sexiest fish in the sea.

2. The hottest thing with gills

3. The object of browny's secret and undying love.
1. Damn, that fishizzle is one sexy fish.

2. Whoa, did you see the gills on that Fishizzle.

3. Wow, that Browny kid really loves fishizzle.
Yeah he does. Lets get pizza.
by BROWNYLISCIOUS March 15, 2005
Masturbation without your hands
Quit fishizzlin that pie, you'll go blind
by Louis "pimp master" Hesse December 06, 2003

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